May 3, 2017

In celebration of warm temperatures...

(if not yet full sun) that we have been longing for up here in the Pacific NW**, I am posting a YouTube video that I know many of you have seen and loved as I have. But just in case there are some who haven't found this yet, I post it here as a reminder that, when you feel down, there is this pick-me-up always available to you. I watch this often and it makes me feel so damn good.

** Climate things are tough all over - tornadoes, floods, earthquakes abound - so it is not a complaint (oh, well, maybe a teeny one) - but just for the record, the Seattle area has just broken the record for wettest winter ever. Just sayin'.

May 1, 2017

Where I take part in Independent Bookstore day...

by finding these two gems at Elliott Bay Books. I bought one, borrowed the other to test-drive it but love the wonderful and varied artwork in it so much, I will add it to my illustrated books collection. This book may have been shelved in children's picture books collection, but I would put it in the  For Anybody book collection, wouldn't you? 'Course, that's where I believe the beautifully (or otherwise specially) illustrated "children's" books should be.

I have linked the books to where you can purchase them from two of my favorite independent bookstores, Elliott Bay Books and Third Place Books, both in Seattle and area. I intend to continue to do so. Keep them in business, folks.

Radioactive, a biography of Marie Curie, illustrated in mixed media

A Field Guide to Redheads. Just Plain Fun. 


April 23, 2017

When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy said that, and I was reminded of it in the most recent Brain Pickings weekly post. Go here for details, but...yes. Yes.


April 12, 2017

Official Walk Report

Had to take my coat off on the walk because it was too warm! You-hoo.

Who the heck does NOT love tulips? 

                        The Adirondacks make me extra thirsty for spring and summer. Hurry.

One Red Chair I shall love sitting in this summer.

I met Macy today. I was charmed.  
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